Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



  1. We provide this website for the convenience of both buyers and sellers of immovable properties.
  2. By using this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Condition.


  1. All communications and problems with our process should be forwarded to our contact link.
  2. If we offer or supply services to you that is provided on our behalf by a third party, we may have to pass your information to them in order to deliver the service. By using this site you consent to us providing services on your behalf which may include processing (but not using themselves) your information.
  3. Nobart is no agent of any seller or user who uses the platform for his/her transactions.
  4. Every trader is free to choose whoever he wishes to trade with and may choose to discontinue with such transaction at any time so long as the buyer has not committed or advanced any consideration to the seller or caused any binding document to be drawn up and signed by both parties.
  5. Nobart shall not be vicariously liable for any negligence, misrepresentation, fraud or any other act done or carried out by any user of the platform.
  6. Information provided by any user to another shall be at such a user’s risk and Nobart shall deny itself of interference.
  7. Be cautioned that if your account or transactions are reported or found to be suspicious or fraudulent, Nobart may block your account temporarily or permanently and may further report such person(s) to the relevant law enforcement agent for onward investigation or prosecution.
  8. Buyers are advised to carry out all due diligence before making any payment to a vendor.
  9. Nobart has its legal team and affiliated lawyers across Nigeria; any transaction done by our affiliated lawyers must be with the knowledge of Nobart, which is covered by a Retainer agreement with the affiliated lawyers.
  10. No legal fee should be paid to any Lawyer directly. All payments must be made through Nobart designated account. The lawyer will thereafter be paid after confirmation that all legal works requested by the client have fully been executed in line with the terms of reference.
  11. Anyone who deals with any lawyer individually without the knowledge of Nobart, does so at his/her own risk and cannot blame or cause Nobart to be liable for the failure or otherwise of such transaction.
  12. Any conflict arising from the use of the platform must first be reported to Nobart. Conflicts where a client believes is in Nobart’s breach must be resolved first by exploring any Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism.